Hi, welcome to my website. This is my little domain on the internet where i have all the stuff I enjoy/am. While you're here, you'll probably want to look down for useful stuff

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Logs of the 3dshacks discord

contact methods:


I'm on discord pretty much 24/7 add me there if you want to reach me.


Pretty much a lurker/retweeter.


Send me mails, if you want to report something broken, suggest something or just salty about anything here. Fite me :P

About me

17 year old ATM

Into hacking

Knows multiple programming languages

From Portugal

Appreciates good friendships

Special thanks to people who helped me making this site

The first,and most important "thank you" goes to luigoalma for helping me with pretty much this site's roots and its development and also for being a great pal :3 .

Second goes to Techinicabor for providing me with Thread archives and pm17 images, as well as giving me inspiration with his site's dark theme and layout.

Third goes to 1x7 who helped me a ton with the site design, mainly by suggesting and configuring the new file browser h5ai. He has a smexy site, visit it

And last goes to GBATemp people and the 3dshacks discord people for providing me amusement, quick warnings for stupid threads that get deleted quickly and suggestions to archive(and to my site)